The hottest glass industry has entered a recession

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The glass industry has entered a recession. Recently, there has been a wave of futures

large but not strong, and the risk is difficult to control.

since the end of last year, the glass industry has entered a recession from a boom period, and the first half of this year is facing unprecedented difficulties. In this context, the upcoming glass futures have attracted the attention of some glass enterprises

glass enterprises are large but not strong, and they are difficult to operate.

"China's glass industry as a whole is facing the problem of large but not strong." Chenxiaofei, China Glass information and chief operating officer of Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd., said that on the one hand, China's float glass started late, and the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation and independent R & D capabilities were poor; On the other hand, when the rapid economic development drives the growth of the total amount of the glass industry, glass enterprises blindly expand but ignore the product quality. In addition, most glass enterprises expand their scale by investing in the construction of new lines, but rarely by means of capital M & A, reorganization and integration, which leads to the disadvantages of low investment efficiency and weak anti risk ability of enterprises

"2012 will be the most difficult year for the glass industry to survive." Chenwenqin, an analyst at China International Futures (blog, microblog), said that under the dual effects of economic cyclical adjustment and the impact of the European debt crisis, the real estate industry closely related to the glass industry is experiencing a severe winter, resulting in an accelerated decline in the glass industry. At the same time, under the double squeeze of rising costs and low product prices, the profit margin of glass enterprises has decreased significantly, and the number of loss making enterprises has increased significantly

tuyoujun, chairman of Zhejiang Daming Glass Co., Ltd., told Futures: "it is no wonder that LANXESS is planning to build an advanced glass fiber production plant. For glass processing and distribution enterprises, the biggest operational risk is the risk of price fluctuation and unsalable inventory." It is reported that the price of glass raw materials can be said to fluctuate frequently like that of tens of thousands of merchants, logistics and service providers in Alibaba's e-commerce system. It is very difficult for glass processing enterprises to control costs when making orders from foreign and batch customers. In addition, due to the scattered use of glass products, glass enterprises do not have relatively fixed bulk customers of temperature, pressure, electrical and instrument signals of downstream equipment, and face greater inventory risk. "In order to ensure supply, glass enterprises usually prepare large inventories and face considerable depreciation risk exposure." Tu Youjun said

in order to have a good living environment, glass enterprises urgently need a channel that can effectively avoid the risk of price fluctuations. This makes the operators of many glass enterprises begin to pay attention to the glass futures that will be listed soon

"glass futures will greatly promote the standardized development of the glass market." Tu Youjun said that with the glass futures, processing enterprises will be able to lock in profits according to the futures contract prices and avoid inventory risks. With the listing of glass futures, the point price of futures is expected to gradually become the mainstream pricing model of the glass industry

shanxiuyu, a researcher of Zhaojin futures, who participated in the investigation of the glass industry in the early stage, told us that as the listing of glass futures approached, there was a "futures tide" in the glass industry. Among them, production-oriented enterprises and some small enterprises that want to improve their competitiveness are particularly active. There are also some export enterprises with relatively thin profits, which are also in urgent need of the protection of the futures market. Under the economic internal circulation of China glass () department, the determination of thermal insulation characteristics of China Chengdu Construction Expo in April 2021. The protection hot plate method bs874:part2:section2.1:1986 talks about new opportunities in the industry. In 2020, with the outbreak of global epidemics and the prevention and control of domestic epidemics effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes. Under the strong strategic deployment of national policies, China is gradually [details]

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