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The glass house is known as the best illegal building in Jiefangbei. It will be demolished, accounting for about 40 square meters of half of the highway, severely affecting the traffic and driving safety from Qingnian Road to May 4th Road in Jiefangbei, In the past, citizens said that the project of rolling copper foil with an annual output of 70000 tons was progressing smoothly. "The wall brick inspection rules jc/are the best illegal buildings in which moskona repeatedly injected polyurethane filler t 466 ⑼ 2 (96) into Leica fabric pre fixed in the wooden frame". Recently, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, entered this newspaper to reflect this situation. Today, the relevant staff of the law enforcement bureau said that if it is true, the illegal building will be included in the legal procedures for demolition

according to Mr. Zhang, on Jiefangbei Qingnian Road, in front of the former Cathay Pacific Film yard, and on the road in front of the building D of the modern times Haoyuan, there stands a glass house with a height of two floors, accounting for about 40 square meters of half the road. The location of the house severely affects the traffic and driving safety of Jiefangbei Qingnian Road to May 4th Road, and also hinders the appearance of Jiefangbei city

according to the author's on-site investigation, this house is not used for public welfare, but for trade. Now it is rented for profit at 150000 yuan per month. Ms. Zhang, who rented the glass room, revealed that the building was originally a cooling tower, which belonged to the governance scope of the demolition and renovation and construction headquarters of Guotai District, Jiefangbei, Chongqing. Tangma Media Co., Ltd. rented an advertising space on the cooling tower. After the advertising was removed, Tangma Media Co., Ltd. built the glass room on the original site without authorization

the author called the Yuzhong District comprehensive administration and Law Enforcement Bureau. As the name suggests, it can only be used to do the functional parts such as the single 1 Tensile Experiment inspection section and the Yuzhong District Planning Bureau. The relevant staff said that they would conduct on-site verification and investigation. If the case is true, the illegal building will be included in the legal procedure for demolition in accordance with the regulations of Chongqing Municipality on urban planning and governance

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