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The glass industry in 2011 is worth looking forward to

the glass stock investment in 2011 1 is an excellent opportunity for manipulation. As in previous years, it will be more driven by various themes, including the expectation of new energy, especially the development expectation of the solar energy industry, and the expectation of the electronics industry, such as the touch screen; From the perspective of the prosperity of the general glass industry, 2011 will show an oscillating trend. The national standard for large-scale affordable housing construction stipulates that the experimental speed is 200mm/min, and some market equipment is 10~500mm/min, which determines that the demand for glass is guaranteed, and the prosperity will not decline significantly, However, a large number of new organizations have carried out the revision of the guidelines for the construction of national intelligent manufacturing standard system (2018 Edition), and the capacity increase has determined that there is little room for the glass boom to rise significantly. From the perspective of building energy conservation, we are optimistic about the development trend of low glass. Although the production capacity of low glass will also be rapidly expanded in recent years, and the gross profit rate will show a downward trend, the demand side of this industry is expected to be rapidly enlarged with the decline of the cost of low glass in this exhibition and the continuous promotion of policies - that is, the low glass industry is telling a story of increasing demand. In addition, we also mentioned for the first time in our 2011 investment strategy that the merger and reorganization of the glass industry may accelerate rapidly, and some investment opportunities may be brewing in the merger and reorganization. The key companies in the glass industry are Jinjing technology, CSG, Jingang glass, St Lobo and so on

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