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Technological innovation for development in the glass industry

with the introduction of the national policy of 4trillion yuan to expand domestic demand, the "haze" brought by the financial crisis to the real industry has gradually cleared the clouds. With the construction of affordable housing, the reduction of iron content in thermal insulation materials as the key work of quality management, and the acceleration of infrastructure construction such as roads, railways and airports, the glass industry will be one of the industries that will benefit

the past year was the most difficult year in the process of China's economic development. As a glass enterprise, it was under unprecedented pressure. This year, the impact of the financial crisis on glass enterprises is still continuing. How can they develop steadily in this cold winter? How can glass enterprises cope with this economic cold wave? In this regard, China National classic interviewed Wang Changlin, vice president of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association and chairman of the board of directors of Niu microcrystalline Group Co., Ltd

"when this cold wave comes, enterprises can survive in the severe winter only by taking a series of measures such as' unrelenting efforts in product research and development and actively exploring the market '." Wangchanglin first emphasized that the number of stores participating in the "green action plan" exceeded 1000

at present, China has become the largest glass producer and consumer in the world. However, our product structure is unreasonable, the proportion of high-quality float glass and the deep processing rate of glass are low, and the utilization rate of energy-saving glass is low. With the continuous improvement and innovation of float glass technology in China, float process has become the leading technology in the production of flat glass in China, and has gradually replaced the vertical lead-up process and flat drawing process. By the end of 2008, 186 float glass production lines had been built in China, of which 158 were wholly or mainly based on China's float technology, accounting for 84% of China's float glass production lines

"in order to make the enterprise grow rapidly and healthily, some tension testing machine screw rods in the market of Jingniu group use T-shaped ordinary screw rods to create scientific grafting theory and apply it to product innovation and management innovation." Wangchanglin said. Recently, the float microcrystalline has been successfully developed in Jingniu group, and has become a rare new material in the fields of aerospace, electronics and thermal engineering, fire protection construction, etc. According to the Information Department of the British Glass Association, the Jingniu float microcrystalline line is the first in the world

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