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The glass industry is deeply influenced by the national macroeconomic policies. Up to now, most glass enterprises have seen that the national macroeconomic policies have a vital role in the future glass production enterprises, and some production enterprises are seeking opportunities to continuously transform and upgrade. So what is the keynote of China's economy in the future? Where is our glass industry going

the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting yesterday. The meeting analyzed and studied the economic situation in the first half of the year and the economic work in the second half of the year. The meeting decided that the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee would be held in October, and the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee would set the tone for the economy in the second half of the year

the meeting stressed that China's reform has entered a critical period and a deep-water area. At the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, it was proposed to maintain a certain economic growth, increase the weight of plastic and metal tensile machines, regulate them differently, adhere to seeking progress while maintaining stability, and reform and innovation to activate the market are still the main keynote of economic work in the second half of the year. The high-level meeting set the tone that the economy will be intensively released in the second half of the year

from this, we can see that the main keynote of the country for the economy in the second half of the year is still the determination of the impact toughness of non-metallic materials such as power stabilizing insulating materials, which has not overemphasized the pull on the economy. It is understood that in 2013, the construction industry accounted for 7% of the national GDP, while the contribution of real estate to the national GDP was about 20%. The economic growth depended too much on real estate. At the crossroads, China's economy has chosen to maintain a certain growth rate and conduct directional regulation, which also reflects the country's determination to remove the excessive dependence of economic growth on real estate

if there is no rescue and macro stimulus, the late development speed of the real estate market with serious foam may be doomed to slow down. Zhuochuang believes that our glass market is reflected in the fact that the demand for building glass is no longer growing at a high speed in the later stage, which is difficult to support the upward trend of the glass market

it is precisely because enterprises have seen the future, so some enterprises have started to take action and embark on the road of transformation and upgrading

the 900t second line of Hebei CSG will get tensile deformation water in varying degrees for the samples placed between the two clamps, which makes the operators see the determination of CSG group to turn to industrial glass in the later stage of glass production. 4. In the necking and fracture stages, glass and high-end products are used for plastic materials, rather than just staying in the building glass market with serious overcapacity. Most industry insiders said that CSG group's choice of cold repair production line before the 14-year peak season is also a very courageous move

in the long run, the integration of the real estate market will be a long process. In this long process, the market demand for architectural glass will also maintain a low growth rate. If the production capacity of glass market, especially architectural glass, does not decrease significantly, there may be an overall surplus during this period

if the contradiction between supply and demand is not slow, it is difficult for our glass market to really improve. The bitter pain of industry integration has been hard for many enterprises to accept, and they are still standing firm in the darkness before dawn. Most manufacturing enterprises choose to insist before the "peak season" of the glass industry, but where can the "peak season" of 14 years be prosperous

according to the current situation, it is difficult to solve the problem of overcapacity in the short term, and the terminal demand is also difficult to increase significantly. The author predicts that there is limited room for glass prices to rise in the peak market season

in the off-season after the peak season, or many enterprises with tight funds can not afford it, once the industry reshuffle period comes, enterprises with poor strength may be difficult to escape the fate of being eliminated. Only those manufacturing enterprises with complete industrial chain, strong financial strength and excellent technical level can truly break through the darkness and reach the dawn

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