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Taiwan's glass industry responded positively to tpp

in order to gather the consensus of all walks of life on promoting TPP membership, the "Trade Bureau" explained to the industry the efforts to promote TPP membership and its positive impact on the industry through various industry associations, board of directors and supervisors, or member ISO 11439, ISO 9809, ECE r 110 and other standardized demand conferences. The members of the association also affirmed and supported the efforts of the government to promote its participation in the TPP (trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, where the trans Pacific PA control system software is the Windows XP operating system platform rtnership agreement) and create business opportunities for manufacturers. The glass industry association in Taiwan is particularly active

in 2014, Taiwan's total export of glass products reached US $2.099 billion, of which US $662million was exported to TPP countries, accounting for about 32%. Japan, the United States, Singapore, Canada and Australia were the main export markets. At present, the tariffs of most products in the United States and Australia are still high. For example, the tariffs of "ceramic glassware", "other glasses except ceramic glassware" and "glassware for dining table or kitchen" in the United States are higher than 10%; Australia's tariffs on "vehicle mirrors" and "other glasses except ceramic glassware" are 5%. If the United States and Australia reduce tariffs after joining the TPP, it will be a positive help to Taiwan's exports. As for other TPP members belonging to developing countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Mexico, the average tariff of non-zero tariff glass products is relatively high, which are 23.09% and 1 respectively. In recent years, the average tariff of non-zero tariff glass products has dropped by 8.03% and 11.51% for the first time. Joining the TPP will also have positive benefits for Taiwan to expand these emerging markets

"Trade Bureau" guides the development of glass industry through diversified sales promotion, including "going global" - assisting Taiwan businessmen to participate in international exhibitions; "Bringing in" -- expanding foreign purchases in Taiwan; "Replenish energy" - strengthen the support of talents, funds and information; "Expanding network" -- increasing strongholds, dispatching top soldiers, setting up business centers and laying roads; "Shaping image" -- improving Taiwan's industrial image and international brand awareness. In the part of assisting Taiwanese businessmen to participate in international exhibitions, the "Trade Bureau" subsidized the "Glass Association" to participate in glass exhibitions in Hong Kong this year to expand business opportunities outside the island

the glass industry association in Taiwan believes that Taiwan lacks natural resources, so it is necessary to promote participation in regional economic integration. Without TPP, Taiwan's industry may face a chain breaking crisis. The "Glass Association" hopes to strive for a longer adjustment period for some vulnerable glass products in Taiwan when participating in TPP negotiations in the future

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