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Sany Heavy Industry: the way to upgrade made in China

Guide: Sany Heavy Industry is a strong general in made in China. Their proposal of jealousy of slowness and pursuit of excellence is impressive. In the growth of jealousy, Sany has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results in the past decade. When many people are curious about the rapid growth of Sany, Sany

Sany Heavy Industry is a "fierce general" among "made in China". Their "jealousy of slowness and pursuit of excellence" is impressive

in the growth of "jealousy of slowness as hatred", Sany has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results in the past decade. When many people are curious about the rapid growth of Sany, Sany has begun the process of "pursuing excellence"

since Mr. Zhang Xie, deputy general manager and director of human resources of Sany group, joined the "China Human Resources 100" club in September last year, the humorous "classmate" Zhang Xie has been discussing with me how to improve the quality of employees and leadership of cadres, emphasizing that this is the top priority of Sany human resources management and development... Last September, For Zhang Jiexian, the position of grounding installation should be convenient. The Sany human resources team led by the operator contacted guangben, Guangfeng, BYD group and other enterprises to learn and exchange topics such as ordinary staff training, professional technician development, leadership development and so on. Along the way, Mr. Zhang Xie, Mr. Ge Feng, deputy director, Mr. Zhao Shuai, head of talent management department, and other "brothers" have expressed their concerns and Thoughts on the realization of enterprise development through the development of talents. Up to now, I still have fresh memories of the timely talk with team members

in the first half of this year, I had the honor to visit and exchange with Sany Heavy Industry. The studiousness and dedication of its entire human resources team once again made me sigh. "Helping employees succeed" is the concept we all uphold. It is also common for us to "harass" at 9 or 10 p.m. I often say to my team members: "it is not easy to be an HR in an enterprise that pursues excellence but grows rapidly. It is not easy to understand and support them more, and the more professional support they provide in human resource development, the more support they provide for the growth of their 50000 employees..."

I'm glad to see that Sany has established a four-level training system including induction, induction, on-the-job and leadership. The average training hours of ordinary employees are more than 40 hours, and more than 500 cadres are directly trained. The annual investment in employee training is more than 100million ...

Chinese people have always advocated that in the process of human resource development, we should pay attention to "let everyone give full play to their potential and do what is most suitable for them" and "let the organization form a joint force to achieve a win-win situation for individuals and organizations". On this point, we have a consensus with Sany's H team to maintain stability recently. Sany's "survival of the fittest" and "talent selection and empowerment" are the principles for Sany to maintain vitality and win-win with employees. Therefore, the turnover rate of Sany is far lower than that of other manufacturing enterprises, which is as high as more than 40%

China's 30 years of reform and opening up have been bought by the sweat and youth of all participants, but even so, our government, enterprises and teams still have a lot to be improved today. The only way to happiness is to see shortcomings, improve constantly, and forge ahead steadily. I'm glad to see that Sany people are constantly working hard, Sany HR is constantly struggling, and sany's founder is also constantly surpassing

it is not easy to build a good enterprise, especially when the number of employees is getting larger and larger. HR, as the hub of enterprise rule formulation and implementation, fair construction and maintenance, benevolence sharing and communication, and the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries, marks that Mongolia China relations have entered the best period in history, in which it shoulders an important mission. Today's human resource management has entered the era of human resource development. Stimulating the potential of employees and realizing the win-win situation of the organization are the directions that the leading HR team has realized and continuously explored and strengthened

with the severe economic situation in the past two years, many manufacturing enterprises are facing normal downward adjustment. Stimulating the potential of employees and working with employees to tide over the difficulties together are the upgrading road of Chinese manufacturing enterprises by improving management, reducing costs and creating benefits

Sany Heavy Industry is on the way. I wish Sany Heavy Industry more and more benign development; China's manufacturing industry is on the way. I also wish you all to face the severe winter with a correct mentality and method. Word of mouth is king. Smart enterprises and enterprises that treat employees well will take the lead and bloom vitality when spring comes. The floating fiber on the surface of materials born in spring, long in summer and long in autumn has been well improved. Winter storage is the natural law, and it is also the natural law of the ups and downs of the external environment of the enterprise. Made in China, don't be afraid of the severe winter, grasp the opportunity of practice, and you will surely usher in a better tomorrow

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