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Dow Corning launched a new silicon-based coating

Dow Corning launched a new silicon-based coating

on July 12, 2001, Dow Corning launched Dow C "We also regularly carry out additional tests on materials. Orning1900 series silicon-based coatings have excellent coating properties, can protect printed circuit boards, low use costs, and meet most international standards.

this coating can be used to protect small, commercially expensive electronic components, and conventional organic materials (such as acrylate and polyurethane

esters) In contrast, the protective layer is firm, tough and low stress, which can improve the reliability of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards

it can be used at room temperature or under sharp heating conditions to form transparent elastomers with good conductivity. The temperature range is very wide

(-55 ℃ ~200 ℃). Some formulas can be used by coating society in many cases. Since then, it has become a permanent guest of many international exhibitions. This series of products is conducive to protecting the environment and can be used for a long time. This coating does not use solvents and meets the requirements of the poison Management Act (TSCA)

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