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Dow Corning launched three new additives

Dow Corning has added three innovative products for water-soluble, solvent based and radiation curing coatings and inks in its silicon additive product series with excellent performance. These three new additives have been introduced at the 6th China international coatings, inks and adhesives exhibition held in Shanghai recently

three new products launched by Dow Corning are new defoaming additives, which are dowcorn-ing2210 defoaming agent, dowcorning7 alumina recovery 93.05% 3 additive, and dowco shear modulus during shear deformation is called shear modulus rning75 additive. These new products show the commitment of Dow Corning to the coating industry. Dow Corning has developed a series of innovative products, including multifunctional additives for paints, inks, coatings and adhesives, waterproof agents for the most demanding substrates and environments, and various silicones for high-performance decorative and protective coatings. Its development requires upstream and downstream knowledge, technology, and supporting resins and intermediates for the relevant environment. (China Chemical Industry News)

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