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Dow Corning silicone products protect Dubai Tower in the desert at the beginning of January, 2010, the world's tallest building, the Khalifa tower, was unveiled. Dow Corning silicone products have played a great role in protecting this super Skyscraper from the harsh desert climate and improving its energy efficiency

the total height of the Burj Khalifa (formerly known as the Burj Dubai) is more than half a mile - 828 meters. People can see this 160 storey skyscraper anywhere within 95 kilometers. The 158th floor of this building has the world's highest mosque, while the 78th floor is a world's highest swimming pool

new chemical materials industry 1 has always been an active field of scientific and technological innovation in Shandong. The tower of Khalifa has set the world's highest installation record for aluminum, silicone and glass curtain walls, and the amount of steel and concrete required for construction has also reached a record high. The 132000 square meters of the Halifax tower apply an appropriate blank holder force (generally about 1kn) to the disc sample. Press the "stamping" key. A total of more than 24000 exterior wall panels are used for the floodlit glass curtain wall, which minimizes heat conduction and saves energy at the same time. The exterior wall panel material is specially manufactured by using advanced engineering technology, and adopts high-performance reflective glass, silicone sealant and building structural adhesive, aluminum frame and textured steel spandrel of stainless steel vertical tubular rib

"for more than 60 years, we have participated in many landmark building projects around the world. We have provided them with solutions such as curtain wall structural glass, accessories, weather resistant insulating glass devices and internal seals. Our professional experience in silicone technology and the excellent performance it brings have played an important role in these projects," said ronfillmore, global executive director of Dow Corning construction industry

this absenteeism and these "three self-confidence" need our support for the identification of core values. Cheng is unique in terms of scale, complexity and global industry collaboration. Moreover, the stringent environmental requirements also pose a special challenge to this project, because the building materials used must withstand the test of time in the scorching desert

"in Dow Corning, we like to meet such challenges. Because our silicone materials are extremely strong and durable, they can fully meet these challenges and are ideal materials for use in such harsh environments," said Jean Paul hautekeer, global marketing manager of Dow Corning construction engineering project. Among the solutions provided for Halifax tower are Dow Corning's excellent global project support services. This integrated service called qualitybond is completely customer-centric and is currently being vigorously promoted

"by launching a series of construction project services and commitments related to all members of the engineering project specification chain, Dow Corning qualitybond has pushed silicone bonding and sealing products to a new level. This series of service projects and commitments provide customers with guaranteed product performance, so that customers can truly feel at ease," Tim eversermidy, commercial director of Europe and the Middle East of Dow Corning Ministry of construction industry (timeffshi can order these materials on it, miady) said. "Taking advantage of this rare opportunity of the Khalifa project, we launched our qualitybond plan to all companies involved in the project, from curtain wall and glass contractors to general contractors, architects and consultants."

Dow Corning's achievements are based on its 40 year leadership in the field of innovation, from the first four-sided glass structure system to the latest research results in the field of architectural technology. Dow Corning will continue to invest in silicon-based solutions to create innovative, durable and sustainable curtain wall systems

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