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The development path of Hong Kong's printing industry

perhaps in the eyes of many western countries, China is a paradise for the printing industry, and its low price has won a large number of overseas orders. However, with the outbreak of the global economic crisis, China's competitive advantage has gradually lost, especially in Hong Kong, which is mainly engaged in export trade. Printing plants are regarded as a paradise for the printing industry, but China, as a major exporter, is still facing severe challenges against the backdrop of the global economic crisis

wage war

Hong Kong is one of the most developed printing centers in the world, and 70% of its printed materials will be exported overseas. Hong Kong's total printing exports last year reached US $2.6 billion. Although this figure increased by 5% over the previous year, it is still lower than the 9% growth rate of other industries

improve the printing fatigue limit - materials can withstand the maximum fluctuating stress of infinite cycles. The salary of employees is a main reason for the slow growth of the printing market. Most of the printed matter exported by Hong Kong is produced in Chinese Mainland. With the substantial increase in the wages of printing workers in China's eastern coastal areas, especially in Guangdong Province, the industrial hinterland, the operation of printing enterprises has also been strongly impacted

for this reason, Chinese printing enterprises have taken measures to cope with the rise in labor costs. Xingguang group, one of China's largest printing enterprises with an annual output value of HK $789million, recently transferred part of its business to inland China to reduce labor costs

Mr. Lin biwang, executive director of starlight group, said: the wage level in some parts of China has doubled in the past four years. Therefore, we decided to transfer some factories to inland areas, where the employment cost is only half that of the eastern region, and achieved good results

in addition, Xingguang group also adopts the management mode of lean production, which is a relatively new concept in Southeast Asia, but it does have certain advantages

Mr. Lin added: compared with other countries, China is still a competitive market, which has created a lot of value for overseas countries. Although the operating costs of enterprises in China have increased, they still have more advantages than other regions

the high expectations of western customers are a major challenge for Hong Kong printing enterprises. A printing company, who asked not to be named, said that many Western buyers hoped to get a printing solution with the best of both worlds

the staff of the printing factory said: in order to meet the requirements of customers, we must pass the best environmental certification while reducing costs, and our profits will always be compressed to the minimum, because people have unrealistic illusions about the production costs here

towards green printing

in addition, there are more and more printing in China 9 Curve selection: stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves can be selected for display and printing; Enterprises have begun to embark on the road of environmental protection printing, which is expected to be 2025. From the recent Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition, we can deeply understand the changes in people's ideas

Mr. Yang Weiwen, chairman of the Hong Kong Printing Association, said: our printing enterprises have responded positively to the environmental protection issues that customers are generally concerned about. In addition to increasing the recycling of materials, they also actively apply for environmental protection certifications such as FSC and PEFC

printing enterprises in Hong Kong regard the pursuit of environmental protection as a valuable development opportunity. An official of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the organizer of the Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition, said that Hong Kong must continue to develop in order to maintain its leading position in the world. He said: we must comply with the trend of green printing and maintain our competitiveness through the implementation of environmentally friendly printing

the printing output of Hong Kong is always changing. A few years ago, long edition color hardcover books were the main products of most printing enterprises in Hong Kong. Now, people have shifted their production focus to post press processing and RFID secure printing

serve the niche market

Shanghai security printing is one of the first Hong Kong enterprises to carry out security printing. The company has passed a series of international certifications (including ISO9001 and 14001), and has developed advanced anti-counterfeiting 1. Instrument accuracy detection: technology. In addition to the company, many enterprises have entered the niche printing market and hope to maintain their competitiveness

Hong Kong's printing industry is still very dependent on the export market. Despite the strong development momentum of China's domestic economy, this situation has not changed. Mr. Lin said that starlight group currently hopes to export one-third of its products to Europe, the United States and China, but he also admitted that there is still a long way to go before this goal can be achieved

Mr. Yang Weiwen believes that although the speed is relatively slow, China's domestic market has begun to recover. He said: the domestic market is becoming stronger and stronger, and the printing demand is also growing, but this is still not enough to inefficient the decline in printing demand in western countries

the growth of domestic demand can alleviate the pressure of printing plants to a certain extent, but for the moment, China's printing industry still has to face the challenge of the sharp decline in demand in the western market. In order to meet the needs of overseas customers, printing enterprises in Hong Kong are bound to increase their investment in environmental protection technologies and facilities

current situation of the printing industry in Hong Kong

total export volume of printing: US $2.6 billion

export rate of printing: 70%

growth rate of the printing industry in 2008: 5%

challenges faced include: staff wage growth, environmental pressure and the current economic crisis

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