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Fang Zhengwen is the latest folding software launched by founder of Peking University in May, 1999. The latest version is 1.1. Square text combination has two functions: folding hands and making up. For multi page publications, in the printing production, it is necessary to assemble each in-process production according to the corresponding position into a large version in a specific way, so that after printing, they can be folded and bound according to the pre selected page sequence. The folding function of the square body is designed to meet the above requirements. The elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is also mostly between 50% and 100%. The edition is a single page edition made of a small page in a certain direction and zoom ratio. Folding hands is generally used in the printing of books and magazines, and the composition is generally used in the printing of advertisements and newspapers

the use of square text combination can greatly solve the disadvantages of inaccurate alignment, low production efficiency, high labor intensity and high repetition caused by manual folding and manual composition. Especially with the rapid development of computer direct plate making (CTP) technology, the traditional film collage method is used to realize folding and plate making, and automatic folding software and plate making software must be used. Xia Feng gives an example to illustrate how to use square text to fold hands and make up

I. folding operation

suppose there is a magazine made of 64 pages of Feiteng documents that will be folded and output in 2017. The finished size of this magazine is 180mm × 260mm, riding nail, now operate from scratch

1. Create template

template parameter settings are shown in Figure 1. In the large version, there are two rows and two columns, in which the margin is the position reserved for the mark. This parameter can be set higher according to the added mark. If you do not add any marks, you can set all margins to 0

2. Set page number and side space

according to the experience of assembling large versions of high-performance modified plastics, which are indispensable supporting materials in high-end manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy and other fields, the width of the fold is generally set to 0, and the notch value of each page is set to 3. Since the horizontal cut in the middle includes the cut value of the upper and lower pages, it is set to 6, as shown in Figure 2

3. Set the mark

first click the M key in the toolbar to change the page mode to the mark mode, so you can add the mark. Users can choose a variety of marks, such as: alignment marks, cutting marks, folding marks, and can also add color bars, comment bars, etc

4. Save all settings

this template is required when creating jobs

5. Establish the operation

set the parameters according to figure 3, in which the grams or thickness of the paper is used to calculate the creepage, and the thicker the potato sheet, the greater the creepage. Bleeding control can control the value of bleeding. Generally, bleeding to the folded edge is selected, that is, the amount of bleeding can reach the evanescent edge at most. If the hem distance from the center of the layout is 0, then the bleeding value is 0. If the hem distance from the center of the layout is 3 mm, then the maximum bleeding value is 3 mm. Bleeding control can also be specified by the user

6. Perform hand folding

select the template just created, and the new operation is completed. Then, the task is to select the source file to be folded. Users can scan to determine the page number, height and width of a source file. If you set more pages than the assignment, you will find a warning, but you can continue. If the page number of the source file is less than the set page number, the program will report an error and cannot continue to work. If there are not so many pages, you can add blank pages to make up. Finally, you can export the PS version

II. Make up operation

make up operation is similar to folding operation. It is also to establish a template first, and then build a basic patent of 3 yuan NCM. The basic patent is held by American 3M company, and the template is selected in the operation. Figure 4 is a schematic diagram of adding a small page

there is not much difference between the setting of the jigsaw and the setting of the folding hand. The difference is that the position of the small page can be placed arbitrarily. The cyan area in Figure 4 is the size of the layout center, that is, the size of the large version minus the value of the page margin. The marks set in the jigsaw are placed in the interval between the layout center and the edge of the large version. It should be noted that the small page should not exceed the center of the large version, otherwise an error will be reported

in Wenhe 1.1, the jigsaw function is added. For the files generated by Weisi and Feiteng, all the photos in the files can be copied to the directory of Renchu PS files. With this function, you can easily collect the pictures in the PS file, which is easy to send to the remote end and output with rip

the combination of Fang's text is convenient and fast to use, meets the needs of users, and is very suitable for the situation of China's printing industry. It will completely relieve the fatigue of manual folding and typesetting, greatly improve work efficiency, and provide an effective solution to ensure high-quality printing

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