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Dow Corning: green technology supports China's sustainable development

as the vice president of Dow Corning in China (the world leader in silicon-based technology and innovation), Mr. Jeremy Burks attended the recent "green technology sail" summit held in Shanghai. At the summit, he discussed with executives in charge of market definition of other companies how industry leaders committed to common goals should cooperate with clips that must use special materials, To promote and speed up China's sustainable development

as a discussion participant on the topic of "leadership and collaboration for all", At the meeting, Mr. Burks reiterated Dow Corning's commitment to green technology and sustainable development: "Sustainable development is one of our seven enterprise values. As a global leader in silicon-based technology, Dow Corning will unswervingly focus on developing accurate solutions to meet the global needs for efficiency, renewable energy, water purification, etc. more than half of our Innovation Portfolio projects are related to sustainable development. We will continue to support the Chinese government's green strategy and help accelerate the development of China's green technology market. ”

Mr. Burks can solve all kinds of problems! Also shared some examples of green solutions that Dow Corning supports China's sustainable development:

· provide advanced silicon-based technology solutions throughout the solar value chain

· provide experts, solutions and materials for the wind energy industry to improve load, weather resistance and unscheduled maintenance through a/d conversion, so as to help ensure the reliable, lasting and high-quality performance of wind turbines

· provide products and solutions for several important "green buildings" in China, such as the photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) curtain wall of the Expo theme center, the China Pavilion and the art performance center supporting the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo

Dow Corning is a member of China Green Technology Organization (signed and committed agreement). The organization is a resource open business cooperation organization with the participation of more than 80 leading green technology and service companies, enterprises, investors, non-governmental organizations and policy consultants around the world. The "green technology set sail" summit is mainly based on the work of China's green organizations and the fair analysis conclusions drawn from their open research on market conditions and the opinions of more than 200 industry insiders

about spokesman Jeremy Burks

Jeremy Burks served as vice president of Dow Corning China and senior vice president of interface marketing of Dow Corning. As the vice president of Dow Corning China, Jeremy Burks is responsible for handling the relationship between the government, employees and customers on behalf of Dow Corning. As the senior vice president of interface marketing of Corning, Jeremy Burks is fully responsible for the profits and losses of all global businesses such as paper, coating, textile and chemical industry after the simple inspection and repeated experiments that the failure completely disappeared

In 1987, Jeremy joined Dow Corning in the UK. Since then, he has held several leading positions in Dow Corning, such as economic evaluator and European business director, global planning and evaluation manager of product design business, global industry manager of home care department, European industry manager of artificial rubber and lubricants, global executive director of Dow Corning expert based industry group, etc

jeremy also served as the chairman of Dow Corning Global Business Council, guiding the company from a product focused supplier to a solution supplier

jeremy holds a bachelor's degree in materials science and technology from Brunel University in England and a diploma in management studies from open business school in the UK

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