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10 times growth in two years: Ronglian's way of cloud communication

our goal is very clear, that is, to expand, expand, and then expand, until we become the world's largest cloud communication service provider, said sunchangxun, CEO of Ronglian cloud communication

but at the China Internet Conference in 2013, when sun Changxun explained cloud communication, almost no one understood, let alone what it was useful for enterprises. Sun Changxun was like a fist in his chest and was very oppressed

however, sun Changxun firmly believes that with the saturation of communication infrastructure and the rapid development of interconnection, traditional operators have been impacted by interconnection. The next generation of communication trend must be the combination of interconnection and communication, and communication services will become a way to sell cloud services

ronglian, founded in 2013, has a 10 fold growth rate in operating revenue after two years, and has 200000 developer users and 50000 paying enterprise users

cloud communication is a typical sharing economy. Sun Changxun said that by packaging professional communication capabilities into API interfaces and SDKs, enterprises can use cloud communication quickly and efficiently to achieve more than 20 communication capabilities, such as text messages, calls, call centers, etc

more importantly, compared with traditional communication, Ronglian cloud communication can help enterprises save nearly 70% of communication costs

according to insiders, this is like a family who wants to use tap water. It doesn't need to build a water plant in person. It just needs to build a pipe connecting the water plant, and then turn on the tap

from 2013, no one understood what cloud communication is, to today, it has become the leader in the cloud communication industry. Sun Changxun frankly said that he has caught the rapid development of China's Internet

sun Changxun, CEO of Ronglian

before entering the field of cloud communication, sun Changxun had done 13 years of communication technology work and established a communication technology team of hundreds of people to provide solutions and services for operators

just like this, sun Changxun, who is in the front line of the communication industry, deeply feels that the impact of mobile Internet on operators has spread to downstream industries such as sun Changxun, whose main customers are operators. Facing pressure, sun Changxun began to think about the transformation from traditional communication to mobile Internet communication

sun Changxun believes that in the past, communication has always been focused on operators, and the new communication trend should be a communication mode that can make full use of the Internet and integrate with the Internet. It happened that the emergence of Alibaba cloud inspired sun Changxun

in 2013, sun Changxun convened a 40-50 technical team and began to try to combine communication with cloud computing, that is, cloud communication

sun Changxun said that cloud communication actually relies on Internet to provide communication platform services for enterprise customers in the way of cloud computing. At present, lithium salt is mainly in the hands of a few enterprises (PAAS) and communication software services (SaaS). Generally speaking, the problems of hardware, operating system, server, and even software that enterprises originally need to consider can now be completed by connecting to the platform of Ronglian cloud communication

cloud computing can enable several enterprises to use the cloud together. We know how difficult it is, greatly improve the reuse rate, avoid resource waste, and help enterprises save nearly 70% of the cost

after one key call and a few lines of code, you can provide external and internal communication services. Sun Changxun said that cloud communication is a typical case of sharing economy

sun Changxun, who has accumulated technology for more than 10 years, did not encounter too many obstacles in the process of leading his team to change from traditional communication to Internet communication

however, the real difficulty lies in the application of cloud communication. For the first half year, Ronglian didn't know where the customer was at all, because other enterprises didn't understand cloud communication, and Ronglian didn't understand the pain points of enterprises' needs

since the beginning of adhering to the administration according to law, Ronglian hopes that customers can match Ronglian's products by themselves, and let customers find a combination point by themselves, but few customers come to visit. At that time, when we didn't even understand the concept of cloud communication, how could we buy cloud communication services

Rong Lian decided to take the initiative. Rong Lian started with the most basic needs of providing enterprises with app SMS verification codes, and then began to provide some voice services. In this way, it established the first step of contact with enterprises. After having accumulated the first batch of customers in different industries, Ronglian has the opportunity to continue to understand the different needs of customers and extend to other customers in the same industry, from point to line, which is the initial point to line sales path of Ronglian

sun Changxun joked that Ronglian became a doctor after a long illness. He spent a lot of time and energy in the process of seeking cloud communication applications and enterprise needs, which was very painful

sun Changxun, who has experienced this stage, concluded that the 2C market is relatively more standardized. One application can meet the needs of a class of people, but the 2B market is much more complex, and the needs of different industries and enterprises will vary. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance between product standardization and marketization

but now, industrial application has become one of our advantages. Sun Changxun said that Ronglian, which entered the market earlier, has been able to accurately grasp the pain points of enterprises and provide services through long-term running in with enterprises, while many competitors are still groping

get on the express train

from 2014 to 2015, the operating revenue of Ronglian almost increased 10 times. Sun Changxun believes that this is because Ronglian got on several express trains: first, China Mobile Internet gave birth to a large number of Internet enterprises; Second, the rapid development of cloud computing; Third, the formation of sharing economy

sun Changxun said that the birth of a large number of Internet enterprises in China in recent years, especially start-ups, is a major boost to the rapid development of Ronglian business

a large number of Internet enterprises are dominated by the 2C market, so they have a large number of o2o communication needs, and Internet enterprises pursue speed, convenience and efficiency in the selection of communication services, so they have become the most ideal market customer target of cloud communication

take app taxi and take out order as an example. When each step of placing an order, confirming the order, and completing the order is completed, the customer service, verification SMS, and verification voice received by consumers are often automatically realized through cloud communication

today, with the gradual penetration of Internet + into all walks of life, similar communication needs are massive and high-frequency. In terms of APP taxi alone, the daily order volume of some software has reached millions. Other fields, such as logistics, games, e-commerce, finance and so on, have similar needs

Ronglian, which entered the cloud communication industry earlier, has accumulated a good reputation in the early stage, and is one step ahead in finding enterprise needs, catching the rapid development of Internet. Today, the customers of Ronglian are basically Internet enterprises, including Internet giants such as bat

from the establishment of the enterprise to the 50000 paying enterprises, Ronglian has only experienced two rounds of financing. Twilio, an American Unicorn company often benchmarked by sun Changxun, has experienced five rounds of financing when it has grown to 28000 paying enterprises

last year, the operating revenue of Ronglian exceeded 100million yuan, close to half of twilio. Sun Changxun told the economic observer that although Ronglian started later than twilio, it has a faster growth rate and more staying power, and its volume after listing will also be larger than twilio

in July this year, Ronglian just received a round C financing of US $70million. Sun Changxun said frankly that in the next step, Ronglian will seek a suitable time point for IPO, expand its strength and accelerate its expansion through the power of capital

additional credit costs

however, it is surprising that while reducing the cost of enterprise communication, Rong Lian also needs to invest 20% to 30% of the high cost to carry out information security verification

In the process of change, sun Changxun said that the information security of cloud services is an inevitable problem of cloud services, so on the one hand, customers need to trust service providers, which requires service providers not to disclose customers' information and data. Since enterprise customers need to access the cloud communication platform of Ronglian to obtain communication services, the key issues of enterprise information security and confidentiality are of great importance. On the other hand, service providers also need to trust customers and have reasonable means to avoid customers engaging in illegal information dissemination activities through the cloud communication platform. Ronglian needs to avoid customers engaging in illegal activities through the cloud communication platform, such as fraud, the dissemination of illegal information, etc

based on this, Ronglian has invested a lot of energy in spot checking, quality inspection and control of information, and screened bad information through the system. At the same time, enterprises need to upload relevant industrial and commercial certificates when opening cloud services to let Ronglian know who the customers are and what they are engaged in

sun Changxun said that the trust problem between American enterprises is much simpler, because the United States has a relatively sound enterprise credit rating system, and the credit cost of enterprises has been paid by the whole society, while Chinese enterprises need to pay attention to the credit of their partners, and need to pay additional energy and cost

however, as a company planning to be listed next year or the following year, sun Changxun believes that even if Ronglian invests a lot of costs, it must ensure the security of customer information, otherwise it may fall short and the accumulated brand will collapse instantly

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