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Yuchai engine "province" formula pries Mianyang bus cheese

Yuchai engine "province" formula pries Mianyang bus cheese

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Guide: if you come to Mianyang, the second largest city in Sichuan Province in 2011, careful people may find that the volume is reduced and the warehouse is reduced, and the bus power running all over the street is basically occupied by brands in the province; But in 2012, things changed dramatically. At least Mianyang Public Transport Co., Ltd., the largest bus company in Mianyang

if you come to Mianyang, the second largest city in Sichuan Province, in 2011, careful people may find that the power of buses running all over the street is basically occupied by brands in the province; However, by 2012, things had changed dramatically. At least half of the vehicles of Mianyang's largest bus company, Mianyang Public Transport Co., Ltd. (Mianyang bus for short), were equipped with Yuchai CNG engines

why did the purchasing preference of Mianyang bus change so much in just one year

save gas

back in 2011, a bus equipped with Yuchai single fuel gas engine became a member of Mianyang bus active service

this "trial" quota is not easy to get. Gong Yuanliang, deputy general manager and director of Mianyang public transport, recalled that he was still very happy about the decision at that time. "In the early stage, we did a lot of research, and also carried out a lot of exchanges with brother units in surrounding provinces and cities. We learned that Yuchai is recognized as a model of product suppliers in the field of public transport, so we wanted to buy one to try and see the effect."

one try is out of control. In the running in test of the same line, the same model and the same configuration, the strong power of Yuchai engine and the breathtaking low gas consumption make Mianyang bus feel really "irresistible". Taking the 10 meter bus with the same configuration as an example, the gas consumption of the whole vehicle with other engines in Mianyang bus is about 35 square meters, while the gas consumption of the whole vehicle with Yuchai engine is at least 32 square meters. In addition, the performance of the engine in terms of reliability and stability is far better than that of competing products

a good beginning is half the battle. After tasting the fresh food in 2011, Mianyang bus and Yuchai immediately established a long-term strategic partnership, and purchased 528 Yuchai CNG engines in batch at one time

Deng Wenbin, the director of Mianyang bus repair factory, repeatedly emphasized in the interview, "in fact, our requirements for the engine are very simple, one is less use faults, the other is low gas consumption." After batch application, Yuchai engine, in addition to high reliability, has also brought considerable benefits to Mianyang public transport with its excellent energy-saving effect

"the average solar term of Yuchai engine is 1~2 square meters/100 kilometers. A car has to run at least 100000 kilometers a year, and the local gas price in Mianyang probably also provides a huge potential of 4 yuan/square meter in the automotive industry. Let's calculate, how much money can Yuchai save the company in one year? The cost saved is the benefit! If all models are equipped with Yuchai engine, think about how considerable the benefit!"

worry free

with the rising price of domestic refined oil and the pollution of urban air caused by automobile exhaust emissions, natural gas has become the most realistic alternative clean fuel at present. As one of the few domestic engine manufacturers that can provide mature gas engines, Yuchai has been using rich technical reserves to continuously improve the practical application effect of products

in fact, Mianyang bus station purchases a wide range of models, including 8-18 meter buses. On the configuration list of Mianyang bus, Yuchai 4G, 6J, 6G, 6mk and other models have long been familiar faces. It is not difficult for an engine or an engine platform to save fuel. What is rare is that Yuchai has achieved obvious fuel saving effect for each model

people in the industry also pointed out that Yuchai machine has developed rapidly in the field of commercial vehicles, mainly thanks to the concept of professional market segmentation. On the basis of energy and technology dimensions, Yuchai used multiple dimensions to segment and integrate customer groups for different markets, providing targeted customers with the largest core value, and finally won customer recognition

"for us, it is the most ideal to match the appropriate power in combination with the high and low peak working conditions of bus operation, so as to achieve the effect of adapting to road conditions and saving energy as much as possible." Gongyuanliang didn't hide his love for Yuchai. "Yuchai's technicians recommended the appropriate matching power for the whole vehicle we purchased in combination with the actual needs of the high and low peak bus conditions in Mianyang, which played a good role in the follow-up operation and helped the company achieve revenue increase and cost savings."

song Yibin, director of Yuchai Sichuan Office, said, "service is the foundation of Yuchai's prosperity. We attach great importance to the basic work of creating value for users. We not only emphasize the service of products, but also hope to help users in operation."

save money

every drop of water wears away the stone. Yuchai's meticulous work has melted the hearts of users and laid a good foundation for its subsequent development in Mianyang

in the interview, Gong Yuanliang revealed that in the next three to five years, Mianyang plans to further increase the share of Yuchai engines from the current 45% to 90%, forming a stable supporting mechanism. Deng Wenbin also said that the models of Mianyang bus are quite miscellaneous, and there are many engine brands, which not only has high maintenance intensity, but also the cost is not low. This situation has existed for many years, and the annual reserve cost of spare parts is a great burden for Mianyang bus

Yuchai's excellent performance gave Mianyang public transport decision-makers represented by Gong Yuanliang great confidence to promote, "although we encountered some resistance, we made up our minds not to stay in the transition stage." His meaning is very clear. In the future, all buses under Mianyang bus will consider using Yuchai CNG series engines

"the company must form a system in terms of maintenance as soon as possible, otherwise the follow-up cost is too high." He believes that the more brands, the greater the risk. "Many companies use threeorfour different engine brands, resulting in difficulties in the storage of spare parts, resulting in high operating costs. If we only use Yuchai's engine, the company only needs to store Yuchai's product series, which can not only improve communication efficiency, standardize the company's internal follow-up work, reduce unnecessary expenses, but also enjoy Yuchai's one-stop service."

song Yibin said that Sichuan has sufficient gas sources, and the market of gas machines is slowly opening up in recent years. Thanks to the gradual improvement of gas stations, Yuchai's share in the Sichuan bus market is expected to further increase in the future. "In 2011, the sales volume of Yuchai gas engines in Sichuan was less than 700; in 2012, it climbed to about 1100; our goal this year is 2000."

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