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Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a supplier quality conference to jointly promote product quality improvement

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a supplier quality conference to jointly promote product quality improvement

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on April 22, the 2017 Supplier Quality Conference of Yuchai Co., Ltd. with the theme of "professional deep cultivation and quality victory" was held in Yuchai cultural center, and 155 supplier representatives attended the meeting. Through quality education, the meeting publicized and implemented Yuchai's quality control requirements and medium - and long-term quality goals, further strengthened suppliers' quality awareness, and worked together to promote Yuchai's product quality improvement and national six product research and development

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a supplier quality conference to jointly promote the improvement of product quality

the data shows that in the first quarter of 2017, the overall capacity loss of Yuchai due to the quality, delivery, capacity and other problems of suppliers' parts and components reached 22.59%. There are three prominent problems in the purchased parts: poor qualification rate in place, unstable quality process, and ineffective rectification

in order to comprehensively improve the quality of parts and components and achieve quality objectives, Yuchai will take a series of innovative measures in 2017: integrate resources, establish Yuchai SQE team, and strengthen supplier quality management; The assembly of engine parts and components is free of cleaning and inspection; For non-conforming parts that cannot be repaired, Yuchai will destroy them and return them to the supplier

in view of the quality problems existing in the current parts, Yuchai asked the participating suppliers to attach great importance to and take practical and effective measures to strengthen internal quality control, make great efforts to rectify, and make the concepts of "three no", "three present" and "double zero" penetrate into the hearts of employees through training and education, and truly implement them in place. From the second half of this year, Yuchai will face the lightweight trend of automobile design and fully implement the inspection and cleaning exemption. All suppliers should actively cooperate, and those who fail to meet the standard should be rectified in time

at the same time, representatives discussed in groups on how to cooperate with the implementation of Yuchai inspection and cleaning free policy and SQE management reform, and how to cooperate with Yuchai to achieve medium and long-term quality goals, and put forward their opinions and suggestions. The meeting also held special reports and training on the application of quality improvement management tools and methods, the filling of source self inspection reports, and the assurance and improvement of parts' cleanliness

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