The hottest Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2016 Process

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Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2016 process innovation achievement exhibition

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2016 process innovation achievement exhibition

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on December 13, Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2016 innovation achievement exhibition in the rapid manufacturing workshop of the manufacturing technology department, with a total of more than 60 pieces (sets) on display 6 The typical innovation achievements of shutdown process when the specimen breaks fully demonstrate the super innovative ability and advanced technical level of Yuchai Co., Ltd

this innovation exhibition is divided into ten innovation sectors, covering a very wide range

the most outstanding innovation is to take the modeless rapid manufacturing technology as a breakthrough, and jointly establish a national "modeless rapid manufacturing Yuchai base" with the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences. Since then, Yuchai's new product development has leapt from modular technology to modelless technology, making outstanding contributions to the development of large ship electric power and the new product development of the fifth and sixth countries

chenjinyuan, President of Yuchai technician Association, said that the 16vc cylinder block trial produced with the dieless rapid manufacturing technology has a casting length of 2.8 meters and a weight of 3.5 tons. The full set of sand mold weighs 17 tons, and many of them are non-standard products. It takes only 30 days from sand core manufacturing to casting output, which is 6 months shorter than the traditional manufacturing process cycle. It is the largest and heaviest casting produced by using this technology in China. In 2016, four 16vc cylinder blocks were manufactured with this technology

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held the 2016 process innovation achievement exhibition

the ship electricity sector is an important strategic sector of Yuchai Co., Ltd., while the large ship electricity products are the fist products of the ship electricity sector, as well as the strategic products and high-end products of Yuchai Co., Ltd., which play a very important role in the development of Yuchai Co., Ltd. The application of this technology has laid a foundation for the production and manufacture of large ship electrical products in the future

in the exhibition area of "new modelless rapid production development of national six", technicians introduced this advanced technical achievement. At present, the body and cylinder head castings of more than six series of new products under development by Yuchai Co., Ltd. are all trial produced using mold free manufacturing technology. The rapid production team takes only 15 days from receiving the product model to casting output, which is 6 times faster than the traditional mold trial production, and the one-time qualification rate of castings reaches 100%, providing strong technical support for the development of new products of the company

ht300 material process development technology is a very important new technology. The HT300 material developed with this technology improves the performance of the alloy material, can meet the requirements of national six new product research and development, and provides material support for the lightweight of national six new products

at present, these technological innovations have been applied to production, which has played a good role in promoting yuchaifa 1. The use of polypropylene materials in automobile interiors to make consumers get a better visual experience and ensure safety and environmental protection, especially the transformation and upgrading of national six product. (this article is from Yuchai)

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