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The demand for high-end Garden Hardware tools is increasing day by day, with a new trend

Yongkang City, as the gathering place of hardware enterprises, has many hardware garden tool manufacturers, accounting for a large proportion of sales at home and abroad. Today's increasingly developed science and technology has also led to the continuous innovation of garden tools. New products are more and more convenient and practical, and have been favored by consumers. Yongkang City, as the gathering place of hardware enterprises, has many hardware garden tool manufacturers, accounting for a large proportion of sales at home and abroad. Today's increasingly developed technology has also led to the continuous innovation of garden tools. Ian explained that new products are becoming more and more convenient and practical, and are favored by consumers. In recent years, with the progress of society and the change of people's leisure ways, the demand for high-end garden tools is increasing day by day, which has become a new trend of market demand

garden tools were mostly sold to flower and wood farms or exported in previous years. But in recent years, it has also entered the families of ordinary people with dignity. Its style and color are also changed from the monotony of the past, and new products with unique shapes and colorful colors are added. The garden tools on the market of China Science and technology hardware city are all inclusive, including water spray guns, garden shears, pruning shears, lawn mowers, etc., with a wide range of products. Planting flowers and vegetables has become a new leisure way for some office workers, which can not only exercise, but also improve the environment and harvest harmless vegetables. These labors are actually entertainment for office workers. As entertainment, it is inevitable to buy hand-held tools. Therefore, various high-end garden tools in the hardware city market have become popular, and the concept of many consumers has also risen from use to fashion and refinement. Hu, the boss of Xinda garden tools, said that people now attach great importance to the ecological environment. Some single family houses or houses with front and rear yards should be covered with greening as much as possible. For example, planting trees and flowers, and many people like to do it by themselves, which not only maintains the living environment, but also exercises. These consumers often don't care about product price. They value product brand, quality and performance. That's the reason why high-end consumers demand high-end products. There are also many enterprises and units that no longer need garden tools that can be used, but pursue convenient operation, energy conservation, etc., which not only avoids labor waste, but also the price of high-end garden tools is more expensive than ordinary ones, but because of their long service life, they adopt imported exchange servo motor and exchange servo speed regulation system as the power source; Adopting imported precision rolling ball transmission screw and guide rod has obvious energy-saving effect, which is not a loss in comprehensive calculation. For example, a two-stroke gasoline mower newly introduced in the store last year not only has the characteristics of high power and strong horsepower. The diaphragm carburetor is used to improve horsepower and effectively reduce fuel consumption. The more accurate design of the wind guide cover can effectively control the high temperature of the engine. The 40t alloy saw blade is wear-free and durable. This new product uses many high-tech means in details, so even if the price is more expensive, it still can't stop consumers from loving it

it is not unreasonable that high-end garden tools are becoming more and more popular nowadays. As we all know, the more high-end products, the more functions they must have, the higher efficiency and the longer service life. Even if the price is a little expensive, it can reduce losses and labor costs. In general, using high-end products is beneficial and harmless. Ms. Mei, the person in charge of Jiafeng Garden Tools Distribution Department, said that traditional garden tools are mostly powered by gasoline (diesel) engines, which have high noise and vibration, pollute the environment, affect the health of operators, and are not suitable for family homes and courtyard communities. In 2012, she introduced a large number of high-end new products. These new products boldly use new ideas and technologies in production, overcome the above defects, compound the multiple functions of greening care facilities, and have the advantages of low labor intensity, low cost, one machine with multiple functions, convenient operation, good reliability, long service life, etc. they can trim fences, care lawns, trim withered trunks on tall landscape trees, etc. When many enterprises, units, housekeeping companies and property management companies come to purchase, they all name the need for high-end garden tools

in the past year, various garden tools in the hardware city market were equipped with products sold by mold core distributors in front of the mold core base, and high-end products accounted for a large share. Some dealers even abandon traditional garden tools and specialize in high-end products. They said that the market demand is increasingly high-end, and the profit of high-end garden tools is high. The profit of a large-scale high-end garden product is several times higher than that of a traditional one. Now, since high-end products are easy to sell and profitable, why not. According to insiders, nowadays, garden tools have developed to miniaturization. Many manufacturers strive to make their products simple and practical, and the selection and structure of parts are becoming more and more scientific and technological. One machine with multiple functions and one piece with multiple functions have become a new trend of garden tools. After years of use, they are still as new as before. These constantly innovative garden tools have been highly praised by the majority of consumers in the market, and they are more dominant in sales

garden tools is a huge market cake. Nowadays, society is increasingly advocating green and environmental protection. Garden tool dealers in hardware city should have sharp market insight and respond quickly to market demand. In this process full of opportunities, only by grasping the pulse of consumers can they be invincible in the fierce market competition and share this attractive cake

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